July 4, 2019
Allies And Axis In Globe War Two
July 4, 2019

Saying that Enki was the creator of beings and the civilization, is not accurate, due to the fact the Africans right here in Mzantsi talk of “Mvelinqange” or “Moholomholo” who was their God and they associated and talked to him whenever he came down from a mountain filled with stones.

Below is the video by Michael Tellinger, which has some very good points to it, but also it is a constant rebuttal of the origins of the civilization of Mzantsi as getting African, but about some individuals who moved from elsewhere to come and create the cities that are getting discussed in this Hub.

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House of the most lovely Oriental escorts in london escort 50 edcorts (bentleymodels.co.uk). This to me is just the case: I will compose and rewrite African history of South Africa to the very best of my abilities, and I will commence at the the most remotest time period and timeline I can muster my research, and bring it into contemporary history of Africans in Mzantsi.

The coming of man has been attempted to be traced by Darwin, whom we go over beneath, and also, the evolution of man in South Africa these days, was slowed down if not shut-down by the Apartheid rulers who were hell-bent on attempting to hide the accurate history of the Africans to the Africans themselves.

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